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The Newsters is an unbiased and independent news platform to raise the voice of the common public, having a positive vision towards the growth of India. We share the latest political news, social news and all the other news related to India and the globe.
We are happy to introduce young and aspirant writers who wish to write about various news topics. E.g, politics, entertainment, technology, business, fashion, health, sports, World News and much more.

We do have Readers Column that is specially dedicated to our readers who wish to come forward and write what they see and face in their society.

  • We can write in any or both the English or Hindi Language.
  • The topic must be concise and related to the body.
  • It must not endorse or support any particular brand.
  • While appreciating or mentioning any person, place or brand, we must keep in mind that it is totally unbiased.
  • Rest, we are here to help you with editing, image creation and all.

Contact Us

If you wish to write or have any queries, feel free to Email us at info@thenewsters.com

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