“Whole World Saw Migrant Labourers’ Death, It’s Only Modi Govt Which Didn’t Get News”: Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress president and party leader Rahul Gandhi is seen constantly targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, especially since the Corona era. This time the leader has attacked about the death of migrant labourers.

“The Modi government does not know how many migrant workers died in lockdown and how many jobs were lost,” Gandhi tweeted in Hindi.

“You didn’t count so what, nobody died? Yes, but, unfortunately, there was no effect on the government. The world saw their deaths, it’s only the Modi government which didn’t get the news,” he further added attacking the Modi government.

Significantly, when the lockdown was implemented in the country due to Coronavirus, the migrant labourers were greatly affected.

The group of migrant labourers migrated from the big industrial cities and returned to their original places. Millions of workers took to the streets. During this time road accidents took place in several places across the country and several labourers died in this.

The Newsters found that when the opposition questioned the government on Monday during the monsoon session how many migrant labourers died during the lockdown, does the government have any data regarding this? On this, the Central government said that there is no data available with the government regarding the death toll of migrant labourers.

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