The reality of American lockdown

This 4 minutes 52-second video is going viral on social media with claims that show how Spanish authorities are blocking the country.

Many Twitter and Facebook users have posted the video with English text which means, “It’s a lockdown in Spain, you guys are lucky in India. You can just be canned.” That is to say, you can just stay at home.

The viral video has also been shared with a Hindi text that reads, “If you think the lockdown in India is more severe then take a look at America’s lockdown.”

Let us know that this video is about the protest in 2019 in Baku city, the capital of Azerbaijan. According to the description, the video showed an October 19 rally after which officials and New Azerbaijan Party officials claimed that the police did not use the violence, however, the visible evidence is somewhat different.

The European Union External Action and US Embassy in Azerbaijan issued a statement condemning the violence used by police on peaceful protesters during the rally.

Alt News identified using the verification tool InVid and stated that this red logo appearing in the top corner on the right-hand side of the video is the logo of a Meydan TV, an Azerbaijani nonprofit media based in Berlin Organization.

It was published on October 21, 2019, while the first case of coronavirus appeared in China in November 2019.

Thus, it is proved that this video does not belong during the Coronavirus lockdown in Spain or America.

To watch this video click here

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