Teen Girl Burnt Alive Over Land Dispute In Sultanpur | UP News

A gruesome incident took place in UP’s Sultanpur, which once again raised questions on the law and order of the state.

In Uttar Pradesh, the 18-year-old daughter of a journalist was burnt alive due to a land dispute which led to the victim’s death in hospital.

The incident occurred on Monday when three men grabbed victim Shraddha of Tadarsa village and tied her hands and legs before pouring kerosene on her due to old enmity, Baldirai Circle Officer Vijay Mall Yadav said.

“A shocking incident in UP again. Journalist Pradeep Singh’s 18-year-old girl was burnt alive by culprits in front of her house in Sultanpur,” activist Yogita Bhayana tweeted in Hindi after the death of a daughter due to the felony of culprits.

“Police arrived at the scene three hours later. Immediately hospitalized, teenager died during treatment,” she further added.

Deccan Herald reported that according to sources, the three men poured kerosene on the victim and set fire to her when she came out of her home at Majre Enjar village in the district to collect water from a nearby hand pump on Monday.

Sources said the incident was the result of a land dispute by the victim’s father Pradeep Singh, who was associated with a Hindi daily. The land dispute was with Kunwar Singh, who was a resident of the same village.

Deccan Herald also told that in June this year, the two sides clashed over the dispute, during which Kunwar Singh was killed by shooting. Pradeep was arrested and is currently jailed.

According to sources, on Monday, when the mother of the victim went to jail to meet her husband Pradeep, the victim was alone in the house and at the same time she was burnt to death by culprits which led to her death. However, police have been taken two persons into custody in this regard.

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