Tablighi Jamaat

Nizamuddin area is the headquarters of Muslim religious activities in Delhi, which is now being considered as one of the largest coronavirus hotspot centers in India i.e. COVID-19 Center. This Tuesday around 800 people were taken by buses from Nizamuddin and sent to different places in Delhi as many people gathered there have been found to be COVID-19 positive.

102 people were tested, of which 24 were found to be Coronovirus positive and reports of about 200 are being awaited. The event involved people from different parts of the world such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh where COVID-19 had already spread, out of which 10 deaths have been reported so far.

A few days before the Delhi incident, from 27 February to 1 March, a large gathering was organized by the Tablighi Jamaat in Malaysia and many of them were present in the Tablighi Jamaat program held in Nizamuddin as well.

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