Sweden: Real Cause Of Violent Riots| Why Holy Quran Burnt? Analysis By The Newsters

A bad news of burning the Holy Quran has come out of Sweden, causing a riot there.

According to information from sources, a crowd of people came on the streets of Malmo city in South Sweden and demonstrated. The protesters opened fire on the tyres of several cars parked on the side of the road and also threw stones at the police. The riot took place after burning a copy of the Holy Quran in Malmo.

According to local media and police, on Friday evening, a crowd of about 300 people had gathered suddenly. Burning tyres spread smoke throughout the area. Some people also suffered minor injuries in the stone-pelting. Violent crowd faced a lot of trouble to control, fired tear gas shells, and some protesters were also detained.

10 to 20 protesters were arrested late Friday and “all were released,” police spokesman Patric Fors told AFP.

The violence had subsided by Saturday morning.

Quoting sources, the riot broke out after the leader of Sweden’s nationalist party Stram Kurs, Rasmus Paludan, was denied permission to attend the meeting.

The Newsters found, the party is almost exclusively associated with its founder and anti-Islam activism and demonstrations.

When Paludan was blocked by the authorities at Sweden’s border, he tried to forcefully enter the city, after which he was arrested.

On Friday, his supporters burnt the Holy Quran in a protest against the arrest of a right-wing leader, Paludan. Later at the same place due to the protests, the situation became tense and a riot broke out.

AFP reported that Rasmus Paludan, a far-right Danish politician who leads the party Hard Line, also called Stram Kurs, was due to speak at a rally. Swedish authorities blocked his arrival in Malmo, prompting further violence among clashing groups.

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