New Zealand Mosque Attack: Terrorist Brenton Tarrant Sentenced To Life Without Parole | News

A New Zealand court sentenced 29-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant, who attacked at two mosques, to life imprisonment without parole.

On March 15, 2019, Tarrant had martyred 51 Muslims during Friday prayer at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and told police that he wished he had killed even more.

According to sources, To life imprisonment without parole, the first time such a sentence has been handed down in the country. In delivering the sentence, High Court Justice Cameron Mander said on Thursday that a finite term was insufficient for such a crime and that Tarrant had shown no remorse.

“Your crimes are so wicked that even if you are detained until you die, it will not exhaust the requirements of punishment and accusation,” HC Justice Mander said.

“The hatred that lies at the heart of your hostility to particular members of the community that you came to this country to murder has no place here – it is no place anywhere,” Mander said.

On Monday, in delivering the sentence, Prosecutors told the court, Taranat had been planning attacks for a long time and wanted to create fear among migrants.

The youngest child to be martyred in this attack by Tarrant was the three-year-old child, Muqad Ibrahim, whose father Aden Diriye told Tarrant “Know that true justice is waiting for you in the next life and that will be far more severe than prison.”

“I will never forgive you for what you have done,” he further added.

Let us tell you, Tarrant has been convicted 51 charges of murder, 40 of attempts to murder and one charge of terrorism during the attack at the mosques, in the southern city, which he live-streamed on Facebook.

Imam Gamal Fouda of Al Noor Masjid said, “If he still has a human spirit in mind, he will die in guilt and remorse”, adding that, “no punishment will bring back our loved ones.”

“We respect the Muslim community as well as non-Muslim people, so today we stand here together against hate. Extremists are all the same. Whether they use nationalism, religion or any other ideology,” he further added.

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