‘National Bird Peacock; National Dog Arnab Goswami’: Kunal Kamra

Comedian Kunal Kamra, who is always in the headlines for his tweet, is once again in heads.

Actually, ever since PM Narendra Modi shared a video with Peacock, it has been in the news and many types of debates were also seen on it. Meanwhile, Kunal Kamra has started a new debate by declaring Arnab Goswami as the national dog.

As Arnab Goswami is always seen screaming on his show and debates. Recently he was seen shouting “Drug Do – Drug Do” during a debate about Rhea Chakraborty. In fact, his such shouting is beyond journalism and sounds like riotous.

Arnab Goswami has been seen shouting like this many times for a long time.

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Let us tell you, Arnab and Kunal have an old relationship when the conversation among them on the flight also made a lot of headlines. But now Kunal Kamra has created another new controversy by tweeting.

He declared Republic TV Chief & Editor Arnab Goswami as the national dog.

“National bird peacock; National dog Arnab Goswami,” he tweeted.

Nowadays, apart from Arnab, there are many other faces in the TV media debates who shout the same and call himself a journalist, anchor, and spokesperson. Sambit Patra is one of them, by not tolerating whose abusive language, Congress official spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi lost his life.

According to Tyagi’s wife, his last words were ‘They killed me,’ referring to the TV debate format and Sambit Patra.

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