Kanpur: Dogs Are Scratching Cow’s Dead Body At Kanha Cowshed | Where Are Cow Protectors?

Where do the fake cow protectors hide in such times who kill others in the name of cow protection?

A video of a dead cow is going viral on social media, which is being reported of Maharajpur in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh may disturb your mind. In Kanha cowshed here, a cow is lying dead in mud and dogs are scratching the body of this cow.

Sharing this video on Twitter, Navbharat Times journalist Praveen Mohta wrote in Hindi language, “The video will distract the mind. Dogs are scratching the body of a cow after it’s death at Kanha cowshed in Maharajpur to keep cows in Kanpur.”

Bharatiya Janata Party, which targets people of other religions in the matter of cow protection. In fact, the cow dynasty is in bad shape under their rule, which cannot be ignored.

It is noteworthy that the ruling Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh also makes big claims of cow protection after women security and large scale cowsheds have been constructed to promote Hindutva in the state. But already from time to time, in the name of cow protection, BJP’s false claims have been exposed.

In religion contractors and Hinduist organizations, cow protection is seen only when people of other religions have to do lynching. Do they really have nothing to do with protecting the cow, but only targeting and lynching other community’s people based on false accusation and suspicion?

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Since 2014, the Bharatiya Janata Party has stepped into power at the Center. Since then the cow has become a political animal which is most used during elections. But the reality is that the condition of the cow used in the name of religion is malleable under the BJP rule.

Where is the cow devotion of fake cow protectors now? When cows’ corpses are rotting in cowsheds in this way, why is no cow devotee lifting them?

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