Double Murder in UP’s Kushinagar: Murder-Accused Beaten To Death By Mob In Presence Of Cops

In Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, a man who allegedly shot dead a teacher was beaten to death in the presence of policemen this morning.

After the incident, a video emerged on social media, showing that the angry villagers beaten to death the accused with sticks.

Significantly, this incident happened in the presence of several policemen, which can be seen clearly. However, some were seen trying to stop the attack.

The video showed that the mob attack did not stop even when the man was half dead. The man’s head was splattered with blood.

According to the police, the man was a resident of Gorakhpur, UP. He had allegedly shot dead a teacher earlier today using his father’s gun.

Local reports suggest that a school teacher was shot dead on Monday morning. After the teacher’s assassination, the miscreant climbed onto the roof of his house and tried to spread terror by air firing.

The people informed the police and when the police arrived, he surrendered and was taken down by the police. While he was being led to a police vehicle, the villagers allegedly dragged him over and attacked him.

The villagers were not willing to hand over the miscreant to the police under any circumstances. Tense still persists on the spot.

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