Comparing of Modi government with the USA

There have been 1,223 deaths in India since COVID-19. The figure of death is even more these numbers. Maximum 75 deaths occurred on the last day of April.

Dr. Pradeep Jha says, “80% of deaths in India still occur in homes, including deaths from infections like Namonia and Malaria. Clearly, counting hospital deaths are not enough for accurate figures of COVID-19 fatalities.”

Modi government always pointed fingers at Pakistan, kept comparing with our country, and praising itself falsy which is quiet at the moment.

The question is to those who keep hoarding false praise of the Modi government. Should India not compare the efforts of a country like the USA in this situation to how it is pushing its heel braid to avoid this epidemic? Of course, the situation there is the worst at this time, but they are not missing anything in their efforts. Their efforts are also visible to the whole world. At the same time, the Modi government seems to be failing once again.

Let’s have a look at the efforts of India and USA

According to the Worldometer-data The Newsters found, in the USA, 7 times tests have been done so far compared to India, while the population is less than a quarter of the Indian population. So far, almost 67 lakh tests have been done in the USA whereas 10 lakhs have not been done here. India is ranked 10th according to the number of tests. Is it not worth asking the government for this?

Why the TV media do not discuss these issues diligently as much as spreads the hatred of Hindu-Muslim and discrimination? will it become a digital India by only falsehood praise?

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