After PM Modi, Public Anger On Nitish Kumar: Virtual Rally Gets Highly Dislike On YouTube

The JDU has geared up ahead of the announcement of Bihar assembly election dates. It started with a virtual rally of JDU on Monday, September 7.

In this rally, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar addressed Bihar, after which, this video was highly disliked on YouTube.

The virtual rally was being live-streaming by several YouTube channels. In the beginning, the video had received more than 12 times dislike than like on a YouTube channel named ‘Live Cities Media Private Limited’. However, by the time of writing this post, there are more than two and a half times dislike than like.

Nitish Kumar’s speech was also live-streamed on a YouTube channel named ‘City Post Live’, where the video got more than 9 times dislike than like. So far, 762 people hit like to this rally, while over 6800 people hit dislike.

People have also been highly dislike this virtual rally on another YouTube channel of ‘Aaj Tak’ named ‘Bihar Tak’. The video of this channel has received so far 2000 likes and 10000 Dislikes.

Nitish Kumar’s virtual rally getting such dislikes has become a cause of concern for JDU and BJP as people expressed their displeasure by highly dislikes for both on YouTube. It can be learned by how the public is angry with their promises and statements.

The Newsters found that there were several YouTube channels on which Nitish Kumar’s video was live-streamed and almost everywhere got it more dislike than like.

Also, let us tell you that the like-dislike ratio on the above-mentioned channels was much higher in the beginning, but later this radio gradually reduced like the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’.

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