After Airports, Adani Group In Race To Buy New Delhi Railway Station

Government properties are constantly being sold by the Modi government and bought by the Adani Group.

Recently, six major airports of the country including Jaipur, Guwahati and Ahmedabad were privatized and significantly, all these airports have been taken by Adani.

Apart from airports, railway stations are now being bought by the Adani Group. It seems as if the Adani group is intent on buying all government properties. As the Modi government is very kind to Adani, now the Adani Group is also keen to buy the New Delhi railway station.

Actually, Rail Land Development Authority ( RLDA) of the Ministry of Railways before organized a pre-bid meeting in connection with the privatization of Delhi Railway Station, in which Adani Group representatives were also present.

The Newsters found that the Adani Group bid the highest for six major airports including Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Mangalore during a tender held in February last year.

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According to a senior RLDA official, representatives of a total of 20 companies from India and abroad participated in this pre-bid meeting. It included the names of French government railway company GMR, JKB Infra etc.

This railway station will be handed over to Adani for 60 years. Under this, private companies will be occupied by government land around the station. The private companies will take its own decision. There is discussion of increasing the convenience of passengers including commercial hubs here.

Let us tell you, New Delhi railway station is the largest and second busiest railway station in the country. More than 400 trains run daily here. Preparations are being made to not only sell the Delhi station but also to hand over 62 railway stations including Tirupati, Dehradun, Nellore and Puducherry in private hands in a phased manner.

When all the government properties and companies in Modi government will be sold one by one in such way, then what development does Honorable Narendra Modi talk about? Is this ‘Digital India’?

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